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First Quarter Winners!

Linda Lockett & Denise Mayes

A New Year, A Healthier You! Complete all activities listed below between January 11–31 have a Door-to-Door Fitness instructor initial a square when you complete it. Drop your completed card in the box in front of the Aerobics Studio by January 31st to be entered into a Grand Prize drawing.

1. Attend a Group Cycling Class

Run or Walk at Least One Mile on Treadmill or Elliptical Machine

2. Attend a Yoga Barre Fusion Class on Wednesday, 10:00A

3. Take a Class for the Very First Time

Join a Cycling Class on Monday or Friday, 8:00A

4. Hoola-hoop in Any Fitness Class for One Minute

5. Attend Kick & Cut class on Monday, 6:00P

Row 1,000 Meters

6. Try a Cardio Strength Training Class on Thursday, 7:00P

7. Attend a Pilates Class on Wednesday, 6:00P

8. Bring a Friend or Family Member to join you in a class

9. Attend a Total Body Blast Class on Saturday, 9:00A

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